The Birth of Seoul Afterlight


[ahf-ter-lahyt]  noun

1.the light visible in the sky after sunset; afterglow.
2. a view of past events; retrospect.

Apprehended, that’s how I used to feel entering the darkest moments of the day. I find myself most vulnerable to negative emotions as the brightest star in the galaxy disappears into the horizon.The day is beautiful because the brilliance of every object and being shines directly into the eyes.Yet, the most beautiful isn’t all the time reflected in the naked eye; like love, like stars, like the human soul. I am slowly beginning to appreciate the time without the Sun. As night approaches, I get to be more real with myself, I get to immerse deeper in thought, I get to better connect with my soul. Afterlight – the vivid brightness as day transitions into the night – assures me of the beauty of what cannot be seen. With that, I shall write of inspiring people, inspiring events and mostly of my emotions – that cannot be seen but felt, the greatest inspiration of all.


I am eager to learn of what awaits me as I venture into somewhere new, into a different city, into Seoul’s afterlight.


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