3 Unorthodox Travel Tips You Might Be Interested In

Conceit is what makes some pompous Millennial who trotted some 6 countries in her 20 years of life deem herself fitting to offer travel advice to others.

Having done with my unorthodox opening, as much as I’d love to discuss more on the young Millennials, I’ll leave that for another time. The purpose of this post is to share some of the knowledge I acquired from my trip to Korea a month ago. I am no travel pro and these tips might or might not be useful. But I am hoping by sharing these lessons on travel I learnt the hard way, it will be of some value to you.

Let my past travel misfortunes be a word to the wise for your next!

 1. Don’t try to outsmart the (budget) airlines


(Image Source: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/)

We always think that the fares snagged up during airline promotions are of best value, but I would say… not quite. Most of the budget airline’s profit comes from ancillary revenues. To make up for the “cheap” fare they are offering, you go without meals on board, cramp in seats with virtually no legroom and get the amount of baggage allowance you are willing to pay for.

With thorough understanding of the buyer’s mentality, these budget airlines charge up to 2 – 3 times of what you’d normally pay for if you appear at the check-in counter with overweight luggage. Leveraging on the gullibility of some travelers is pretty good business. It is a shame how I fallen prey to their little trick the fact that I hold a Diploma in Tourism and Resorts Management! The total sum I spent on airfare with addition of the hefty baggage charge was equivalent to the Business Class fare on the same flight! (If you’re curious, I traveled with Scoot, Singapore Airline’s low cost subsidiary.)

However, I am not saying that we should all boycott these low cost carriers. I do know of people who enjoy flying on budget airlines and with careful analysis of your travel needs, scooting off with these LCCs might just be the perfect ‘deal’ for you.

2. Stick to your packing list!

This is for people like me who like to find ways around packing. I enjoy the thrill of last minute packing (just to make things sound nice). I have a weird habit of always leaving out my toiletries when I am packing – things like shower gels and lotions that are thought to be easily obtained from convenience stores at the destination. But it is also little things like this that slips my mind when I am busy relishing myself in the excitement of the trip. I ended up using a communal soap bar (eww!) during my first night in Seoul having forgotten to purchase toiletries before arriving at the guesthouse.

Here’s a word of advice: If you’re googling “What To Bring On A Trip” right now, you know you better stick to the packing list. I mean, isn’t it why you landed on my blog post in the very first place?

3. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Okay, the last one here isn’t exactly a travel tip. Nevertheless, I wish to bring up the point on planning your trips well in advance no matter how seasoned of a traveler you are. My trip to Seoul this time round is pretty much decided on impulse. I spent about 3000 SGD for my trip and I feel like I didn’t exactly get the bang for my buck. I didn’t get to see that many places and all the teeny weeny “misfortunes” that happened along the way made my trip less ideal. A well versed traveler would have better utilized the 3000 dollars and time with better planning.


You better do this

Rounding things up, I’d say that there’s no better travel tip than to PLAN and at the same time, be prepared when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, it’s the unprecedented events and happenings that make up the best part of your trip. Agree?


One thought on “3 Unorthodox Travel Tips You Might Be Interested In

  1. Me gusta yo, nice insight into packing for travelling.
    For flights, I keep it minimal; flight tickets only for me.
    Food? Take it on board.
    Water? Take it on board.
    Entertainment? For a singing group in your plane. Or sing alone, yolo.


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